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Gullibility and Foolishness: On Video Game Hype

This post was previously titled “Gully Bell and the Infinite Foolishness,” which was my attempt at playing with the title of that Smashing Pumpkins album. Anyway, this isn’t about somber moods though, but more on a mix of grief and consternation that comes with the release of a Triple-A game, especially one that has so much hype behind it. It gets so much praise and wanton desire even before it’s released, but then becomes a letdown once it’s out and people start acting as if family members died. It’s a puzzling bit of human behavior in regards to consumerism. (more…)

Suddenly, Pirate Ninjas!

So after a few leaks from Ubisoft (whether intentional or not), we just got Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. It features a setting in the high seas, where privateers are abound and booty is the objective, as well as a pirate assassin. What’s better than a pirate is a pirate-ninja, and that’s a dream combination. However, it does raise a concern, at least from how I see it. (more…)