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Gamechamp3000 — The World’s Craziest Man


There are plenty of YouTube channels out there where people do mad stuff in video games. Most of it is stuff like crazy plays, speedruns, and 100% completions. That’s fine because while they’re hard, they’re still humanly possible. But when it gets to this level of absurd, then it deserves a special mention. Gamechamp3000 does things in games that sane people will never want to do. (more…)

BLOG: Returning to Pokemon

As mentioned in my previous blog entry on my “new” 3DS, I’ve been playing Pokemon X for a good while now. As of posting this blog entry, I’m still playing through it at a casual capacity. I intend to eventually get the games from every generation and play through them, maybe even complete them. In the meantime, this is a blog entry about my limited experience with the Pokemon game franchise. (more…)