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OUYA: Death by Razer Cuts

OUYA in Razer

For those who may have been following this website, I have an OUYA and posted about it being a Pandora’s Box of Awesome back in the day (a puff article far from my style these days), and I since hadn’t updated on it. In any case, with the news of Razer’s acquisition and subsequent dismantling of OUYA, I have a few not-so-new things to say about my OUYA and what I might do with it in the future. (more…)

Ouya: Pandora’s Box of Awesome


Recently, I had purchased an Ouya, the microconsole that was born from Kickstarter and has drawn both enthusiasm and criticism. On my end, it has had its good and bad points, but I do declare that it was well worth the money spent. It’s the kind of tech that gets better as it’s tinkered with more. I’ve been fiddling with it quite a bit, and it’s working well as both an all-in-one retro gaming system and an online set top box. Its size makes it very convenient as well. (more…)