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Two Instances When the Jimquisition Hits Home

The Jimquisition

As the title may indirectly suggest, I’m a regular viewer of The Jimquisition, which is independent games journalist Jim Sterling’s weekly YouTube show. While a lot of it is him getting people rabidly enraged with his opinions, as well as his distinct style of delivery and propensity to tell his audience to thank divine providence for his existence, he often covers stories unlike those tackled by most of games media. He can get quite deep into even what seems pedestrian at first, like these two Jimquisitions I’m about to talk about. (more…)

Two Sides of E3 2015: Hype and Cynicism

Two Sides of the Coin in E3: Positive and Negative Reactions

Despite the negative things in E3 2015, it was still the best one in years. The previous ones had either been underwhelming or just downright sedate. Due to its apparent success, there was something clearly observable through the proceedings. Some were giddy and elated by the announcements, while others responded with either poker faces or just outright exasperation. Each party looks at the other like they’re the enemy; the excited ones look at the cynics as bitter old men and the cynics look at them as idiots who never learned. Despite that, everyone involved cares about gaming, so let’s look into the root of this difference. (more…)