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Two Sides of E3 2015: Hype and Cynicism

Two Sides of the Coin in E3: Positive and Negative Reactions

Despite the negative things in E3 2015, it was still the best one in years. The previous ones had either been underwhelming or just downright sedate. Due to its apparent success, there was something clearly observable through the proceedings. Some were giddy and elated by the announcements, while others responded with either poker faces or just outright exasperation. Each party looks at the other like they’re the enemy; the excited ones look at the cynics as bitter old men and the cynics look at them as idiots who never learned. Despite that, everyone involved cares about gaming, so let’s look into the root of this difference. (more…)

New Madness: Good Stuff from E3 2015

E3 Expo

Seemingly as if it’s making up for the travesty that was 2014, the video game industry put up their usual masturbatory exhibition known as E3 in an attempt to make panties wet in advance. Okay, pardon me for that crass introduction, but I’ve always been cynical about shows like this. People seem to get their hopes up, only to be angry and disappointed about the results; I only want good results. However, E3 2015 was hard to not watch as it was churning out hype after hype, and I can’t help but consume it like everyone else. (more…)