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Batman, Steam Refunds, and a Kick to the Shin

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What we’re seeing now may be the start of a sea change with AAA gaming companies. As late as last year, they were doing deplorable things with impunity, as if knowing their products will get bought anyway. We can keep going on with big bad capitalist monsters and sticking it to “The Man”, but this development affects both big and small. It’s just that when you see a giant putting things right, it’s a bit unexpected due to the norm. (more…)

New Madness: Good Stuff from E3 2015

E3 Expo

Seemingly as if it’s making up for the travesty that was 2014, the video game industry put up their usual masturbatory exhibition known as E3 in an attempt to make panties wet in advance. Okay, pardon me for that crass introduction, but I’ve always been cynical about shows like this. People seem to get their hopes up, only to be angry and disappointed about the results; I only want good results. However, E3 2015 was hard to not watch as it was churning out hype after hype, and I can’t help but consume it like everyone else. (more…)