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Ouya: Pandora’s Box of Awesome


Recently, I had purchased an Ouya, the microconsole that was born from Kickstarter and has drawn both enthusiasm and criticism. On my end, it has had its good and bad points, but I do declare that it was well worth the money spent. It’s the kind of tech that gets better as it’s tinkered with more. I’ve been fiddling with it quite a bit, and it’s working well as both an all-in-one retro gaming system and an online set top box. Its size makes it very convenient as well. (more…)

My PS3 and Revisiting Assassin’s Creed

This post is incredibly late, but I’ll go ahead anyway. I had just bought a PS3 around a month ago, after over 15 years of not being able to play my own console. I had been a PC gamer throughout the whole time, and I can now afford indulging in what I had been deprived of and what my friends had been able to play with throughout my adolescence. This is a blog entry on my first month with this thing, as well as the first game I decided to finish with it. (more…)