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Half-baked Plans and Promises for 2016

Avoiderdragon 2016

It’s almost two weeks into the new year, and only now do I post something about it. That’s pretty much the theme of this website that I’m trying to break (and failing miserably so far). To actually do just that, I have a few things I have in mind that hopefully will make this website grow. I’m already uploading more videos to the YouTube channel, so I should post more content on here and the Tumblr blog as well. They shouldn’t be overly complicated things, but just some general ideas on what to post here this year. (more…)

Coming Up with a New Tagline


In an effort to slowly but surely climb up the Internet mountain as I get more serious with running this website and its associated efforts, I’ve decided that I have to refine the brand. I’m still scratching my head regarding the name Avoiderdragon (it still kinda sounds stupid to me), but I’m sticking with it for now. What I do want to change is the tagline as the current one doesn’t seem that up for the job. (more…)

Reviewing My Anime Review Process 2: Out of the Blue

In the last blog post I posted about my troubles with reviewing anime, I was trying to get my finger on why I was finding it a bit difficult to write anime reviews that actually made sense of the madness that tend to pervade that medium. As I continue to wrestle with those bits of self-doubt as an online critic, I then watched a video that helped me make more sense of it all. It was just a matter of getting back to the basics of storytelling, which is something I had been struggling with as a writer for years. (more…)

Reviewing My Anime Review Process

This is me confessing to struggling and being perplexed in the task at hand. In 2014, I started posting reviews of anime in this website, and I now admit that I may not be doing that well so far. Ever since taking that first step, I posted 2 anime reviews in this site, both of which were indicative of the problems I encountered in the process, and I wish to talk more about them here. They range from the difficulty with taking anime tropes and culture into account to dealing with the typical audience of the said medium. (more…)

BLOG: Learning the Art of Hanging Loose


As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in exactly a month after my first personal foray into writing anime reviews. This was due to a number of reasons, most of which are mistakes that I own up to. One of them is not being able to write in a relaxed manner for my own website (a place where I’m supposed to be able to hang loose). (more…)

WEBSITE NEWS: Hosting Migration and Future Plans

I’ve finally moved from a local hosting provider to a better known one. Moving all the stuff over was a bit of a challenge, but I was able to pull it off somehow and I do hope that there won’t be any snags. From here on out, I’m definitely dedicated a lot of my free time to this in order to make the most of the investments I’ve put on here. (more…)

WEBSITE NEWS: New Look and Direction


In the process of revamping this site for the umpteenth time, I’ve come up with perhaps the best improvements yet. Now with a new black and yellow (-ish) design, I’m also in the process of renewing my commitment to writing my own stuff and not just what I type out for a living. Whether I monetize this website or not, I do want a reader base, so here’s what is perhaps my greatest attempt yet at having my own website. (more…)

[SITE] New Web Design for 2013

It has been a long while since I’ve posted anything here, and I have no other excuse than being busy and lazy. If I’m to make the most out of the money I’ve spent on the web hosting and domain name, then I better get serious with it. I’m starting that off by coming up with an updated design. (more…)