This is not a news website. Avoiderdragon is about deep appreciation for video games and other media, exploring dimensions of experience through digital adventure from here to parts unknown.

Reviews, features, editorials, guides, and even videos are posted here. Whether it’s serious or nonsensical, practical or pretentious, long or short; all content here seek to dissect the tried-and-true while trying really hard to tread new ground because it’s worth doing.

This website is against outright clickbaiting through manipulating the audience’s emotional response to gain page views. If the author can help it, content here won’t intentionally be primarily about controversy or gossip. Massive negative attention may not necessarily be a bad thing on a PR standpoint, especially for a small website like this, but it’s cheap and mosly rude.

It is less about critique and more on curation. There are more than enough critics who walk this earth, and most of them fall into the trap of cynicism without substance. Critique is important, but sharing experiences is even more so. Being a meticulous curator of all things interesting must take precedent over being a half-baked critic who just looks for something to poke at.

It’s all about connecting the dots between various media to everything else in the world around us. If anything in here makes you wonder about something in any way, then this website has succeeded in its unending quest.


The blog dates back to 2009, when there was still no clue whether it was going to be a review site or just a personal blog. It didn’t seem right to remain in a LiveJournal capacity, but it wasn’t picking enough steam to hit hard like a Giant Bomb. As far as progress is concerned, it’s good to see that it has been growing so far.

It somehow persisted procrastination and wavering interest to become an entity of its own, slowly setting itself apart from its proprietor like a mad scientist experiment gone horribly wrong. Its development has been slow though, but familiarity in the process has become less elusive as of late, which has been incredibly helpful.

Ever since it had been transferred to a separate hosting provider, its look had been changing constantly. The website is still one of the proprietor’s main vehicles for learning new skills, including graphic design and web development as shown throughout its development over the years.

Origin of the Name

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s not Avoider Dragon or AvoiderDragon. It’s Avoiderdragon. People seem to like “correcting” the name like it’s their damn job. This isn’t pineapple on pizza, alright?

“Avoiderdragon” seems like a weird name for a website, much less a brand. But then again, perhaps it’s that unusual quality that gives it character similar to that of its proprietor. In any case, the name that was conjured from sudden inspiration after waking up from a nap in an Internet cafe one afternoon on 2004 has stuck and will continue to represent the proprietor’s personal creative endeavors.

The shortened form AVDR is also used from time to time in various applications. Deciding on whether to let the designation AVDR take over as the brand name or remains as code for “Avoider” in Avoiderdragon is still up in the air, but at least the Avoiderdragon name has been a constant in the proprietor’s ongoing quest for mastery of the written word and unbridled creative expression.

Current State

For now, it’s a gaming and entertainment media blog that may also feature other topics on the side. Its true identity is still up in the air, but there are inspirations like Kotaku, Boing Boing, Tested, and Cracked that feature a myriad of topics as well. The only thing it really needs now to reach the next level is regular content, which isn’t easy for just one writer.

Other than just blog posts and articles, there are also plans for videos and other forms of content. There always is a need to diversify for any sort of online publication, but there is also a need to focus on a specific thing in order to have a definite direction. As the website continues to grow and change with the times, perhaps more light can be shed on what it should really be about.

About the Author

Sonny GoSonny Go is a freelance writer based in Manila, Philippines and the proprietor of Avoiderdragon. It takes quite a bit of stubbornness and questionable thinking to keep such a name for a website and brand, but he’s sticking with it (for now). At least he was able to make a neat logo for it, so it’s not a lost cause. If he can only post more often, then maybe he can actually make it work.

When you look at most of his online profiles, you’ll see that he tends to put “I am a triple attack player” as his description. This stands for his three main passions in life — writing, gaming, and martial arts. Everything else in his life is somehow related to one or more of these three, and the website serves as a way to record and converse about his experiences and observations on those subjects.

His aspiration for the website is not that lofty; he just wants to make it work. There are plenty of successful blogs on the Internet, and he even used to write for some that seemed marginally profitable while many more, try to make their own mark on their respective niches. If this website can somehow reach that level, then the only thing left is to keep making quality content.

In any case, the website continues to do its job, which is to serve as a repository for interests and creative expression; everything else is secondary to that.