URBAN – Intro to Urban Survival in Manila

The topic of survivalism has always been misunderstood by ordinary people who think that there is nothing to fear in modern civilization. They see interest in survivalism as a form of paranoia, which is a sad misjudgment.

As human beings, we must understand that we live in this harsh world, where the hypothetical is always plausible. You can never be prepared enough to face both danger and inconvenience. The point in taking some time to learn about basic survivalism is not just for emergency purposes, but also to become more efficient in everyday life. To survive, you must also thrive and vice-versa.

In the urban setting, survivalism is different from that in the wild. Urban survival covers aspects such as personal protection, home security, emergency preparedness, and so on. Certain skills must be mastered in order to practice proper urban survival, including urban navigation and constant vigilance in any environment. Cities are full of elements that seek to take advantage of the weak, so these skills must never be taken for granted. You may not need to become some badass, but you should have that vigilant mindset that will give you certainty that you’ll never be in last place with life.

This blog seeks to cover as many of these aspects as possible while attempting to maintain a balanced opinion regarding the issues involved. The ultimate purpose is to serve as solid reference in this particular subject matter for interested parties.