AVDRshow #9 — Depression, Stings, and Broken Bones

AVDRshow #9: Wasps

In this edition of the AVDRshow, I talk about selling kidneys, depression, dangerous stinging insects, and broken bones. I should do more of these regular shows more, and I’ve been coming up with more ideas for new shows lately. I’m not really trying to be Philip DeFranco, but becoming efficient with making talking head videos means I’ll be able to make content in between big projects.

Talking head shows like this are relatively easy to produce since it’s just recording yourself commentating and reacting to things they see. YouTubers like PewDiePie post videos like that every single day, so I should be able to make them regularly if I just put enough time into it.

But since I want to put more time and thought into my content, the planning and editing stages tend to take a bit too long and I publish them days or even months after recording. Soon enough, I won’t be able to keep up with content creation.

Then again, even if I do, I’ll continue to regret the branding decisions I’ve made on both Avoiderdragon and all the content I’ve published sporadically.

Topics Discussed

There were six topics at first, but I wanted to keep the video under 30 minutes and I didn’t think those two topics I took out either didn’t thematically match up with the others to my liking or I didn’t think I knew enough about the topic to say interesting things about it. I then took a few days to edit it, even though I could’ve finished it if I just focused for a couple of hours.

Man Sells Kidney for iPhone, Now Bed-Bound and Unable to Work

While the article stated that he purchased an iPhone and an iPad after surgery, I’ve heard someone mention that he didn’t even get to buy them since his remaining kidney already started shutting down.

Twitch Streamer Drift0r Helps Dude Struggling with Depression

Some people may have misgivings about a popular streamer (Drift0r currently has over 47,000 followers) giving advice to a depressed guy, but it’s better than not doing anything. Perhaps the worry there is getting advice from a non-professional who isn’t familiar with what to do exactly to mentally-ill people.

I learned recently that soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan are made aware of their PTSD, but psychiatrists don’t really tell them of their other conditions because the last thing they need is to stress over their conditions.

Putting names on those conditions may make it worse in the long run. With tons of people nowadays self-diagnosing whatever is wrong with them (I used to do that too, I’ll admit. Diagnosing yourself as bipolar is not a good way to tackle your problems.), maybe they’re making things worse for themselves after all.

Don’t quote me on that. I’m not a professional and most of this is anecdote and conjecture. I should look more into this.

EDIT (16JAN2019 4:00PM): I forgot to mention that as soon as I published this video, I caught news of Razorback drummer Brian C. Velasco jumping from his terrace while streaming it on Facebook Live. I have mixed feelings now about this video.

Wasp-Hornet Interaction Up Close

I’m not an entomologist and never really had much interest in insects, although I do like scorpions and centipedes because they look gnarly as fuck.

Knife with Handle from Fractured Femur Bone

The 7-11 story I tell at the end is definitely true, but I didn’t take any photos or video of it. It happened in 2012 and I posted a status on Facebook after it happened. That’s the only record I have of that accident.

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