AVDRshow Highlights for First Half of 2018


On February of this year, I finally got the much-coveted fiber optic Internet connection installed here at home, thus giving me the ability to live-stream and upload big files with ease. I thought I could finally pull off all the plans I’ve been sitting on over the past few years, but I had also accepted a full-time job, thus procrastinating on it for the next six months. One of the things I had done halfway was start the AVDRshow—sporadically live-streamed/uploaded in the Facebook page.

While I still had the drive to stream these shows live around March-April like how my friend BJ David does it with his weekly Humpday Quickie for Nerd Rage PH (almost) every Wednesday, I was able to put up some material that seemed promising. It’s all over the place due to the myriad topics I chose to cover, but that’s just how it is with whatever I do.

CDR-King “Gaming Laptop”

The most viewed video of the whole lot, this went semi-viral. It still amazes me how few people figured out that the featured product was a fake. How can a laptop fit inside that box? That’s a rather odd shape for a box that is supposed to contain a gaming laptop.

As for the “laptop” itself, I’m not entirely sure where it came from, but it seemed convincing enough for a lot of people. I just happened to know how much is put into the manufacture of an actual laptop, especially a supposedly high-end one.

The gist of the comedy was me reading off the specs. Lo and behold, the Nvidia Volta lineup (GTX 11xx series) is coming out soon, so this thing may actually become a reality… in your head… in your head… zombie… zombie… zombieeeeee…

Making Fun of Cryptocurrency

Remember cryptocurrency? I don’t regret dissuading people from investing in it, especially now that Bitcoin went back down to the $6,000+ mark again. Graphics cards are still expensive as all hell, despite the eventual price drop well after the crypto-mining boom.

I could’ve bought a couple of bitcoins back in early 2015, but my confusion with wallets and Coins.ph kept me from becoming an instant millionaire two years later. However, I’m not too broken up about it since I most likely would be too indecisive with that investment and “HODL” at the wrong times and get “FOMO” when I should actually have “FUD”. Yes, I know of the inside terminology.

I Could’ve Been a School Shooter

This news item was simply a vehicle for a high school confession. But it wasn’t about me stealing a female student’s panties, shitting in someone’s bag, or jerking off while thinking of that hot Physics teacher. This was about me having held a knife to a classmate who was telling me off.

And somehow, I didn’t get into trouble. I didn’t get kicked out. I was able to graduate later that school year.

With this video, I establish the level of honesty to be expected from the AVDRshow if I were to keep doing it.

Hostage Rescue Overhead Shot

This is one of those times when a video reminded me of another video, and I had to show it. My memory can be rather freakish when it comes to stupid shit like this, and I might as well make it interesting to other people for whatever it’s worth.

People Beating the Shit Out of Each Other: Episode 1


This is what I want the AVDRshow to be—shittalking about dumb people doing dumb things, as well as curating cool people doing cool shit.

In this case, it’s my “specialist subject” of people beating the shit out of each other.

I Pretend to Know Boxing Here

This is like explaining that 1+1=2 to a doctor of mathematics. But it’s all in good fun as I’ll hopefully explain in an upcoming video. While I myself don’t box professionally, understanding even just a little bit about modern pugilism can let you better appreciate what goes into the training and preparation necessary to be good at pommeling other people in the face and body.

The problem with being a know-it-all about something you only happen to like and do for a living is that every single thing that comes out of your mouth has a hint of baseless ego to it, even if you happen to be 100% correct and speak it as softly and respectfully as you can. If you have to be a know-it-all, you might as well accept the exasperation that comes with it.

Attempt at a Gaming Show

It wasn’t a bad attempt at all. But as you can see, this came out back in March. It’d be nice if I can do it more consistently, but it does take more effort than I can put time into. I’ll see if I can come up with something similar.


Having left the aforementioned full-time job at the end of June, I now have free time like I used to as of this writing. Therefore, I should now proceed with the content plans I had put down last December. However, I must get back to the basics in order to re-establish the habit. This initiative comes threefold—regular posts on this blog again, let’s play videos, and the AVDRshow.

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