Friday Show #2 — Filling the Overwatch Void
Friday Show | Avoiderdragon

A late one, but also a good one. I kinda like it better than the last one already due to how much more meat it had (as well as more raw emotion), but that’s only because I had to make up for the lack of an episode in the previous week. There’s a bit of pent-up frustration here due to the ordeal I had to endure, as well as having to wait for the launch of Overwatch. The week was just playing whatever caught my eye to fill that gaping void. This episode has two weeks worth of filling that void, so you better thank the stars for me putting up with it to come up with this crap.

DOOM filled most of that void (after which I hope to get a review done) while I also try out other shooters to increase my mouse accuracy in preparation for Overwatch. With this in mind, perhaps I’ll use McCree more in that game once it does come out. But then again, I didn’t really warm up to the Gunslinger class in Killing Floor 2, so it’s not like I got a lot of practice with it throughout the weeks anyway. Maybe I should go with a Genji because I played Berserker, which is all about getting up close and killing as many enemies as possible before I get killed myself.


This episode is pretty much me lamenting the Hong Kong trip and missing out on the last three days of Overwatch open beta because of it. Yes, that does sound like I’m ungrateful for being able to travel to another country for a while because I kinda am. (I didn’t really want to go, but I had to go.) Missing out on perhaps three days of one of the most fun games I’ve played in a long while is enough to get me sore.

Upon getting back home and missing a week for the second Friday show, I just had to play more games with whatever time I can spare. I played FreeStyle2: Street Basketball because I was bored and I don’t have NBA 2K16 (Livin’ Da Dream of Glory in African Tree Hockey). I played some Paladins for obvious reasons, and I also got into some other games on the side as well.

After watching this video, I knew I fucked up. I really should’ve been playing more CS:GO. The game does have that (once overpowered) revolver now, so I could’ve been McCree that whole time. How could I have been so wrong through all this time?

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