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Games as Meditation and Productivity Aids

Games as Meditation and Productivity Aids

There has been a bit of a slump lately on this blog, but it may have turned out for the better as I had come across a realization. This little turnaround could be what’s needed to inspire more content here as it’s about playing video games and how it seems to be correlated to my ability to be productive. Games as meditation and productivity aids may seem absolutely ridiculous at first, but I find it to be a rather intriguing concept. (more…)

I’m So Done: Changing Stances Over Platform Exclusivity


Back when Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, I wrote two posts about platform exclusivity (1 and 2) with perhaps only a rough idea of what it’s intended to do and what its consequences are. In those two posts, I concluded (rather hastily and not speaking what was really on my mind at the time) that’s it’s mostly alright because it’s a business practice that has always been there in the video game industry. However, I’ve had a rethink and would like to clarify my stance on this. (more…)

The Pantomime Theater of Reaction Videos

Fine Bros reaction to losing their chance at greatness

After that whole issue with FineBros, reaction videos are once again under a spotlight. After looking at comments detailing just how stupid they’re supposed to be, I decided to dig deeper into them. Despite that whole brouhaha about greed and the banality of FineBros’ content, reaction videos are everywhere on the Internet. While I most likely won’t have one on here (at least not with me watching something and contorting my face while making noises), I’d like to talk about them and why they’re oddly compelling. (more…)

Relive StarCraft Brood War for Free with Mass Recall

StarCraft: Mass Recall

While I’m writing a script for what will hopefully be a full StarCraft II review video (I really have to start making more videos), I look back at the story of the first StarCraft and its expansion Brood War. Even after 17 years, those six campaigns still stand on their own. For those who still want to experience the awesomeness of the first StarCraft, but also want it in the graphics of StarCraft II, then this mod is exactly that. (more…)

Konami: In the Name of Petty Revenge

Konami: Scorched Earth

So a travesty occurred in this year’s Video Game Awards (I think the event is a sham, but it does its good anyway), wherein Geoff Keighley mentioned that Hideo Kojima was banned from attending to receive an award for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Keifer Sutherland received the award instead, which is definitely an indication that Konami is still adamant about keeping Kojima away from his creation. (more…)

Pre-release Build Ideas for Fallout 4

Fallout 4: Protagonist and Dog

As of this writing, it’s less than a week until Fallout 4 comes out. Being too excited for it, I’d been looking for new info and stumbled upon a page detailing the new perk system, complete with descriptions for each perk. This immediately resulted in me coming up with character concepts and builds to prepare for release. I rarely get excited for day one of a new game, but this is Fallout 4—I’m taking a week off for this. (more…)

Review-pocalypse: On Writing Criticism

Reviews: Good or Bad?

There’s an art to writing reviews on bad stuff—an obnoxious one at that. It’s also quite fun—at least at first—to tear a bad game or movie apart by using metaphors and hyperbole to describe their badness. But as it usually is with objectifying subjective experiences, there is also such a thing as a badly written review. It neither offers connects the dots nor solutions to problems and only serves to insult the creator(s) without subtlety or any careful consideration. (more…)

Video Games as Art… Again

Video Games logo

By now, this controversial post on Polygon has made its rounds and got nerd panties up in bunches. I thought of writing something about it not because I have anything to prove, but merely to express a bit of my incredulity on the subject, which is a moot and futile point anyway. But since I don’t take myself too seriously, I’ll make an ass out of myself anyway by putting on my pretentio-hat and stretch my pseudo-intellect to analyze this whole “video games as art” topic, just like hundreds of thousands of times before by other pretentious pseudo-intellectual pricks before me. (more…)

Time is Fool’s Gold: On Clickers and Grinders


Recently, for reasons only known to my subconscious mind, I opened solitaire on my computer after several years of not even a passing thought on the game. It then made me think of games that were meant to pass the time like solitaire used to be. Nowadays, it has been relegated to idle time in offices, and even that has been usurped by browser and mobile games for the most part. Those solitaire slayers are what I want to talk about, but from an outside perspective since I have barely touched the damn things. (more…)

Chernobyl in Games and the Internet


Fallout 4 is coming out later this year, so fans are most likely replaying older Fallout games right now. In the meantime, let’s look at one of the most radioactive places in the world for some inspiration. Chernobyl was nothing short of a complete fuck-up, but it’s now a ghost town noteworthy for some of the most beautifully haunting photographs ever taken and even some games. There’s also a woman who likes to walk around in the damn place like a frolicking school girl while making videos about it. Also, I’m not patient enough to wait for the 30th anniversary of the disaster to post about it. (more…)

Internet Cafe Simulator — Game Ideas

Internet Cafe Simulator — Game Ideas

Maybe this’ll be a permanent series on this website, where I just throw up different ideas for games. I did it a while ago with ideas for a Superman game that may actually work. For this first post in the new series, I take inspiration from the local gaming scene here in the Philippines with the idea of an internet cafe simulator game. As far as business management games go, I think this is a very interesting idea as I can see the layers of tasks and priorities to be juggled during gameplay. Despite being seemingly mundane, running an internet cafe isn’t your typical business. (more…)

How Games and Other Media Age

Media logo

Being a fan of media is not a bad thing as it brings variety to the usual drab monotony of daily life. Some may even think of such distractions as needless and counterproductive. But where would the world be without admiration for works like Citizen Kane? Without passion for Star Wars and Star Trek? Without those who went mental when the Final Fantasy VII remake got announced? Despite what detractors may think, they’re great to have around. But in time, most of that genuine liking become hearsay and conjecture typical of magazine write-ups. Immortal they may be in concept, but they still age. (more…)