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[REVIEW] Kill la Kill


This is my first ever anime review, and it’s a case of “perfect timing”. For a long time, I hadn’t actively followed anime, and whatever I would watch every now and then would usually not be those in the current season. When I decided to write anime reviews for the first time as a personal challenge, this was one of the first new shows that I ended up viewing, and […]

[AVDRcast] Episode 1: Anime Ain’t Easy


I decided to give the whole podcast thing one more shot so that I can add more content on this website (and practice on radio talk). At the very least, I can put more effort into this website and the personal brand, as well as have another outlet for my thoughts regarding various things related to stuff like video games and other media. The objective is just to get better, […]

[BLOG] Playing Diablo III and Reaper of Souls


Many would think that it isn’t much to be excited about since the base game was such a disappointment. Path of Exile had since taken the throne as the king of Action Role-playing Games (ARPG) as far as the hardcore crowd is concerned, but Diablo III is still the better-looking game (since PoE is all about dreariness and suffering in its dark visuals). Despite all the hate that Diablo III […]

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