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Putting Lara in the Box: The Case for Platform Exclusivity


With the news of Rise of the Tomb Raider supposedly being exclusive to the Xbox One, plenty of people got miffed by it, especially those who had played the Tomb Raider reboot (myself included). However, this whole thing may be more than meets the eye, and it’s a look into business practices of gaming companies, as well as how consumers react to whatever the hell the “corporate suits” come up […]

EVO Hype Intro Videos


It has taken me a long while, but I’ve finally put my thoughts down on this little piece of fascination. Let me share something from EVO other than the games that I look forward to each year. Before every Top 8 Final for each game on the main stream, they play an intro video to get viewers hyped up. I personally am into these videos because I’m both a fan […]

Top 5 Reasons Why I Did Not Play MOBAs


Recently, I was able to acquire access to both Dawngate and Heroes of the Storm, new MOBAs that are designed to be more “casual-friendly” than their more competitive counterparts. Not sure if that really is the case, but it seems that I’m getting more reasons to really get into the genre now, as indirectly declared by the past tense used in the title. But first, I need to do something […]

Best Matches of EVO 2014


I’ve been watching EVO every year since 2011 when I started to seriously follow competitive gaming, which was also the time when livestreaming became viable through Twitch. EVO has become one of my most awaited times of the year, even more so than Christmas or my birthday (which happens to be on the same month). This year, I’ve compiled some of the best moments that I had been able to […]

AVDRcast – Episode 03: The Ketchup Cast


This is a longer one than the usual as I try to catch up on the good stuff. As we head on over to the second half of the year, I’ll be looking for more ways to deliver this content more regularly. In the meantime, this episode previews what’s coming next on the site, as well as some ideas that I may dig more into for more content. Show Notes […]

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